The Stylist's Secret: How Hair Toppers Can Transform Your Clients' Looks -

The Stylist's Secret: How Hair Toppers Can Transform Your Clients' Looks

As a hair stylist, you can play a pivotal role in enhancing your clients' appearances. Hair toppers provide more than just a haircut or color; they give individuals confidence, style, and the ability to express themselves uniquely.

A hair topper is an excellent option to enhance your customers' looks. And when it comes to hair toppers, SEGO's range stands out, offering a wide variety and impeccable quality.

Understanding Hair Toppers

Hair toppers, also known as hair pieces or wiglets, are designed to conceal hair loss or thinning hair. If you seek to increase the length or volume of your hair or switch up your hairstyle entirely, these provide an excellent solution.

The benefits are numerous: instant results, flexibility, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. SEGO's collection of hair toppers offers many styles, colors, and lengths, each promising a seamless blend with natural hair.

The Transformative Power of Hair Toppers

Hair toppers have an uncanny power to transform one's appearance drastically. They are not merely about adding volume or length, but they can change the silhouette of your client's hairstyle, creating a more balanced and flattering look.

Take a look at these stunning transformations achieved using SEGO hair toppers. Beyond providing immediate results, the advantages of choosing SEGO over other brands include superior quality, realistic appearance, and excellent comfort.

 The Transformative Power of Hair Toppers

Choosing the Perfect Hair Topper: Key Details to Consider

Selecting the best hair topper begins by understanding the specifics of your client's hair. The type - whether straight, wavy, curly, or coily - influences the texture of the topper you should choose.

When discussing hair, the term "style" encompasses the overall look and feel of the client's hair, which can vary from a lengthy and flowing appearance to a shorter bob or pixie cut. The color is also important to consider; it should match the client's natural hair as closely as possible to create a seamless look.

Selecting the Right Length and Volume 

The length and volume of the hair topper are crucial in achieving the desired effect. Consider the client's face shape and the look they're trying to attain.

A more extended topper may suit clients looking for extra length, while a shorter one could add volume without significantly altering the length.

Aligning with the Client's Lifestyle and Needs 

The hair topper should match the client's lifestyle and needs. When your client enjoys an active lifestyle and prefers low-maintenance options, it's a good idea to recommend a topper that is effortless to style and manage.

A complex or voluminous hair topper may be suitable if your client is getting ready for a significant event and aims to stand out. However, it is essential to deeply comprehend your client's lifestyle and hair expectations before making this decision.

Learn more about choosing the perfect SEGO hair topper for your clients

Styling Tips Using SEGOHair Toppers

Securing the Hair Topper 

The first step to successfully styling with SEGO hair toppers is to secure them correctly. This is paramount for the comfort of your client and to ensure the topper stays in place for a natural appearance.

It requires a careful placement on the client's head and secure fastening without causing discomfort or damage to the client's natural hair.

Blending the Hair Topper with Natural Hair 

The second crucial aspect of styling with hair toppers is blending them with the client's natural hair. This requires professional techniques, such as brushing and styling the topper and the natural hair together to create a seamless transition.

The goal is to make the topper look like part of the client's hair, enhancing their look without noticing it.

Creativity with Hair Toppers 

Hair toppers are not just for enhancing volume or length but also a creative tool for stylists. SEGOoffers a wide selection of hair toppers for innovative styling, with various lengths, colors, and styles to accommodate clients' preferences.

The options are limitless, whether for a special event or a casual day. Stylists can experiment with different hairstyles using hair toppers, transforming their clients' looks.

 Styling Tips Using SEGOHair Toppers

The Art of Customizing SEGOHair Toppers

Understanding Client's Preferences 

To truly unlock the potential of hair toppers, stylists must become adept at customizing them to suit each client's unique needs.

This involves understanding the client's style, lifestyle demands, and hair growth patterns. With this information, the stylist can tailor the hair topper to provide a perfect fit and natural look.

Tailoring the Hair Topper 

The process of customizing a hair topper can involve several steps. The stylist might need to trim the topper, dye it to match the client's natural hair color, or add highlights or lowlights.

While SEGOhair toppers come in a wide range of styles and colors, additional customization ensures that they seamlessly blend with the client's hair and enhance their overall look.

Educating the Client 

Finally, stylists must educate their clients on the care of their customized hair toppers. This should include instructions on how to attach and remove it safely, wash it without causing damage, and store it properly. By equipping clients with this knowledge, stylists can ensure the longevity of the hair topper and the client's satisfaction.

To Beat the art of customizing your hair toppers for your clients, visit us for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEGOHair Toppers? 

SEGOhair toppers are high-quality hair enhancement products that add volume and coverage to thinning or fine hair.

How do I choose the right SEGOHair Topper for my client? 

The best SEGOHair Topper for your client depends on their hair type, style, color, and personal needs. Consider factors like length, volume, color, and the client's lifestyle for a perfect fit.

How do I style a SEGOHair Topper? 

SEGOHair Toppers are versatile and can be styled just like natural hair. They can be secured and blended with the client's hair for a natural look. Stylists can offer creative styling options for various occasions.

Can SEGOHair Toppers be customized? 

Yes, SEGOHair Toppers can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your clients. They can be trimmed, dyed, or styled to match the client's natural hair and personal style.

How do I care for SEGOHair Toppers? 

SEGOHair Toppers should be attached and removed carefully, washed gently with appropriate products, and stored correctly to maintain their quality and longevity.


Hair toppers have a transformative impact on clients' looks, empowering them with confidence and style. The role of SEGOhair toppers as a stylist's secret weapon cannot be overstated. Their vast selection, impeccable quality, and realistic appearance make them the perfect addition to any stylist's toolkit.

Explore SEGO's Collection Today to make your clients super happy.


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