We take care of the hair & you take charge of your fashion.

At SEGOHAIR, we take care of the hair while you take charge of your fashion. Our high-quality hair extensions and hair toppers enhance your appearance and allow you to become your own designer. Join us in redefining beauty standards and taking charge of your beauty journey. Together, we unlock limitless potential and celebrate the beauty that is uniquely yours.


At SEGOHAIR, our core belief is in providing our customers with the highest quality, ethically sourced hair toppers & extensions, specializing in solutions that enhance look and confidence. Our dedication to exceptional customer service remains unchanged. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and a customer-first philosophy. 


Behind the Brand, when SHEGO without "H"

Henry has always been fascinated by the transformation his mother undergoes after getting her hair done. This fascination ignited his passion for hairstyling from a young age. As time went by, Henry grew up and opened a community salon called SHEGO, specializing in creating hairstyles for women. Witnessing his clients leave the salon satisfied, their faces beaming with joy, filled him with immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

With Henry's reputation gradually growing, more and more people wanted to book appointments with him for his unique hairstyling. The queue of eager clients kept getting longer. However, Henry began pondering a question: how can more women freely and independently express their own beauty? He realized that he alone couldn't design the perfect hairstyle for every woman, and he wanted each woman to become her own hairstylist. With this in mind, Henry took on the task of launching online sales and styling tutorial services. He founded the online brand SEGOHAIR, offering women high-quality hair products and comprehensive hairstyle tutorials. His vision was for every woman to be able to create her own beauty, even without the presence of Henry "H".

SEGOHAIR's philosophy is that every woman is her own designer. The brand firmly believes that each woman possesses unique charm and beauty, and all it takes is finding the best way to showcase it. Through SEGOHAIR's products and inspired tutorials, every woman can effortlessly design and create her own distinctive hairstyles. Guided by their initial goal, SEGOHAIR remains committed to ensuring that every woman feels the beauty she possesses. They believe that every woman deserves to have a beautiful hairstyle, regardless of whether they are at a salon or at home, enabling them to confidently showcase their unique beauty at every moment.

Over time, SEGOHAIR rapidly grew and expanded. The brand has won the hearts of numerous women, and an increasing number of women have embraced their own fashion styles with the help of SEGOHAIR's products and tutorials. SEGOHAIR continues to move forward, with Henry firmly believing that high-quality products and the right inspiration can help more women discover their inner charm and become their own unique designers.