SEGO Brand Introduction Video

Our Factory


4 Reasons To Choose SEGO

  • Starting in 2013, We worked for 10 years to make you more beautiful.

    --We serve over 3.5 million consumers in 20+ countries. We have engineers in our factories, which allows us to strictly monitor the quality of our products and ultimately ensure that every product meets our quality requirements.
  • More options, More yourself

    --SEGO has the ability to offer any style, size, and color to make sure it matches your needs. It's worth noting that SEGO is the largest online hair topper brand in North America.
  • We do everything we can to minimize costs

    --Thanks to the excellent supply chain management and advanced production process, the cost of products is lower and the price is cheaper than most brands
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

    --We offer 30-day no-reason returns, and orders can be canceled for a refund within 24 hours of purchases

Our Values

At SEGO Hair, our core belief is in providing our customers with the highest quality, ethically sourced hair toppers, specializing in solutions that enhance look and confidence. Our dedication to exceptional customer service remains unchanged. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and a customer-first philosophy. 

Our emphasis now leans towards mastery in hair toppers, with a spectrum of options tailored to individual needs. Factors contributing to SEGO's value include the premium quality of our hair toppers, whether 100% human hair, Remy hair, or synthetic, without compromise. Our various colors, lengths, and textures are purposefully designed to offer a range that will satisfy every unique preference. 


Our Story

Growing up, my mom always instilled in me that beauty is about appearance and the confidence you carry within yourself, and your potential to impact the world positively. In every corner of the world, we see a diverse group of women, each unique, brave, independent, and brimming with life. Yet, regardless of their individuality, many face a universal struggle: hair problems. Whether it's dryness, oiliness, damage, or hair loss, these issues often cause them distress and dent their self-confidence. 

Witnessing these struggles inspired us to act - thus SEGO was born. The name SEGO is more than just a brand, it signifies our mission and vision: to eliminate all hair obstacles that women endure, helping them regain harmony within themselves and unleash their true beauty.

"Boundless Top Beauty" is the philosophy at the heart of SEGO. We firmly believe that no problem, particularly hair issues, should act as a boundary that hinders women from radiating their inner and outer beauty. Thus, we stand committed to providing the best in class products and services to resolve any hair concerns, big or small, restoring the original beauty every woman possesses.