The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Loose French Braid Perm -

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Loose French Braid Perm

Are you searching for luscious, voluminous waves that require no styling effort? The loose French braid perm is the perfect way to add natural-looking movement and long-lasting texture to your hair. During this process, your stylist will section off your hair before braiding it into a loose French braid drawing and then apply a perm solution to reshape it into tousled, wavy curls. This process adds extra volume and definition, eliminating flat hair days. With minimal maintenance needed, this style can stay in place for months. Prepare for easy, beachy waves that effortlessly enhance your chic look!

Different Types of Loose French Braid Perms & How To Choose the Right One For You

When it comes to creating lush curls, many different types of loose French braid perms are available to choose from. Here’s a rundown of your options:

 American Wave Perm

American Wave Perm 

They are specifically designed for people with naturally straight hair to give them body and texture. It creates long-lasting waves that look like they were created with a curling iron.

 Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm 

Perfect for those who want effortless beachy waves without having to spend time styling their hair every day. The results last about 4-6 months and can be washed, colored, and styled as needed without compromising the curl pattern.

 Digital Perm

 Digital Perm

Digital perm technology combines ultimate waves using hot rollers and lotion applications, making it easy to achieve more natural-looking curls lasting six weeks or longer.

 Root Perm

 Root Perm

Root perms create volume at the roots while still giving you free-flowing locks down the length of your hair - great if you’re after something subtle! With minimal maintenance, this style offers maximum results that will turn heads for weeks on end!

When selecting the correct type of French braid perm, consider the following:

  • Your hair texture
  • Face shape
  • Lifestyle
  • Fine hair? Choose a looser braid to prevent damage.
  • Round face? Try a side braid to create length.
  • On the go often? A lower-maintenance perm with fewer braids may be best for you.  
  • Consult your stylist to pick the perfect perm!

How To Do a French Braid Perm at Home?

Creating beautiful loose French braid perm hairstyles is an easy way to switch up your look. We will provide all the steps you need to get the perfect French braid style for any occasion in the comfort of your home! Let's get started:

 Step 1: Prepare Your Braids

Start by sectioning off your hair into at least four sections. Use a comb or brush and start braiding each section, making sure not to pull it too tightly, so it doesn’t become too tight or cause discomfort. When finished, secure each braid with a small elastic or rubber band at the end. You can also create a gorgeous side french braid ponytail if desired!

 Step 2: Apply The Perm Solution

Next, generously apply the perm solution evenly throughout each of your braids. Ensure that every strand of hair is appropriately saturated and coated with perm solution before moving on to the next step.

Try incorporating a French braid drawing into your design for a stylish touch, or opt for a side French braid ponytail for a chic and effortless look. For natural curls, focus more on the solution in naturally curly sections, like in the middle of your head, instead of nearer toward your roots and ends.

 Step 3: Rinse Out The Perm Solution

Rinse all of your permed braids one by one using lukewarm water until there are no traces left over from the perm solution. Be sure to thoroughly rinse away every last bit before proceeding to Step 4!

 Step 4: Apply The Neutralizer Solution  

Directly after rinsing out your perms, apply a neutralizer solution onto each braid and surrounding areas (including behind the ears and neck). Leave this on for 10-20 minutes, depending on desired curl strength, and then rinse again until all residual product has been removed from both the inside and outside surfaces of each braid.

 Step 5: Undo The Braids And Dry Your Hair   

Once you've finished braiding, it's time to unleash your curls! Break open the braids and use a blow dryer to give them some lift. Get ready to experience incredible results and gorgeous tresses!

So, try a French braid perm at home with our step-by-step instructions and bring out your inner hairstylist! You can also learn how to create a side French braid ponytail, bracelet, or the classic 2-side look. All you need is the right tools and products, such as perm and neutralizer solutions. So what are you waiting for? Visit How to French Braid Your Own Hair on Two Sides now, and get ready to flaunt your new luscious curls!

Tips and Tricks for Achieving the Best Results from a Loose French Braid Perm

Want to achieve stunning results from your loose French braid perm? Try out these tips and tricks to get the most out of your perm!

  • Perfect your braiding technique to get the best out of your perm. Experiment with different styles like side French braid ponytails and French braid bracelets for variety!
  • To prevent loose strands and keep your braids secure during the perming process. Once the neutralizer solution has been rinsed out, carefully remove the rubber bands and enjoy your beautifully permed French braid with rubber bands!
  • Go for natural-looking curls by applying more of the solution around naturally curly sections at the middle of your head – this will stop curls from looking too uniform.
  • Use a French braid drawing as a reference to get an idea of how your braids should look and perfect your technique.
  • Look after your perm by using gentle shampoo and conditioner, avoiding heat tools, and removing harsh hair products.

With proper care, you can make the most out of your French braid perm, which could last up to 6 months!

How Long Does French Braid Perm Last?

On average, a French braid perm can last anywhere from three to six months. However, the actual duration can vary depending on the following factors:

 Hair Texture

If you have thick, coarse hair, the perm may last longer compared to fine, thin hair.

 Hair Care

How well you take care of your hair after the perm can also affect its longevity. Using products specifically designed for permed hair, avoiding excessive heat styling, and avoiding harsh chemicals can all help prolong the life of your perm.

 Perm Type

The type of perm you choose can also impact how long it lasts. For example, a digital perm may last longer than a traditional perm.


Regular touch-ups can help maintain your perm and extend its lifespan. You can try a side French braid ponytail, a French braid bracelet, or a French braid with rubber bands to add some variety to your look while keeping the perm intact.

If you take good care of your hair and maintain your French braid perm, you could show off those beautiful, bouncy curls for up to six months.


If you want to make a real style statement, then the loose French braid perm is an ideal choice! It adds texture and volume to your hair and comes in several styles tailored to your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. And with minimal effort, this look can last for months at a time.

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