How To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions In Thin Hair -

How To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions In Thin Hair

It is prom night, and you want those thick Lana Del Rey waves in your hair. But your thin locks could never pull off the look.

Not to worry, because clip in extensions for thin hair can save your look on any occasion! If you use them properly, you can fool anyone into thinking those are your original hair.

However, hiding extension clips for thin hair can be challenging. So, we help you with “how to put in clip in extensionsfor thin hair.

Step-by-step Guide to Hide Clip In Hair Extensions In Thin Hair

Attaching extension clips for thin hair can be intimidating. Many women fear they will become obvious or fall off their hair during an event. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have luscious-styled locks.

Moreover, you don’t need to be a beautician to achieve this simple task. Once you have read our comprehensive guide on clip in hair extensions for thin hair, it’ll be an easy feat.

So, without further delay, let’s teach you.

Step-by-step Guide to Hide Clip In Hair Extensions In Thin Hair 

1. Choose Appropriate Extensions

As necessary as choosing the correct technique, the right extensions are even more vital to the perfect final look. However, there is no rocket science to it. You can find hair extensions that come in various lengths and weights.

You must choose a set compatible with your hair. If it is extra thin and short, you should go for lightweight ones, such as 45g.

You can find premium ones ranging from 45-80g from SEGO hair. These clip in extensions for thin hair come with 18 clips ensuring stability. Plus, they offer at least 14 colors and lengths as long as 16 inches.

However, choose a length your actual hair can support; otherwise, they will uncomfortably pull at your roots.

Once you decide on the length and weight of your extensions, you should purchase them on time to try them out well before the event day.

2. Creating A Solid Attachment Base

Now, it is time to teach you how to put in clip in extensions. Since you have thin hair, you must create a solid base to secure them.

At this point, you have two goals:

  1. Secure the extensions properly
  2. Attach them for a natural look, preventing any peeking

A strong base will also prevent the extension wefts from pulling at your roots. This is a typical problem with extension clips for thin hair. However, with the tips we are about to disclose, you won’t face this issue.

The secret ingredient to a strong weft attachment base is hairspray. Start by sectioning your hair for attachment. Next, spray the hairspray at the bottom of your sections. Next, you must tease the hair.

Remember to use a tail comb. This comb has fine extensions which ensure minimum hair damage with an effectively teased structure. This will further solidify the root creating a bunch of hair to which you can attach the weft.

3. Find the Right Spot

Now, you know how to secure the extensions, but what’s the right spot? Attaching extension clips for thin hair at the right site is vital. They will instantly start showing if they are too high due to a lack of hair volume.

On the other hand, attaching them too low would risk their stability. So, find a safe spot. For this, you can use a simple trick.

Place your fingers at the bottom of your eyebrows and trace them to the back of your skull. This is the best point to attach the extensions.

However, this can vary according to your head’s shape and size. So, you can try attaching them in different spots to find one that looks most natural. You can ask someone to examine them for you and suggest improvements.

Regardless, after a few attempts, you’ll learn to clip in hair extensions for thin hair.

Mistake to Avoid

 Mistake to Avoid

Avoid these mistakes when attaching extensions.

1. Attaching Too High

Attaching the extensions too high won’t look natural, especially in thin hair. Therefore, look for a spot below your eyebrows. This is usually appropriate for a natural finish.

2. Attaching Near the Root

Attaching the extensions near the root will cause discomfort to your scalp. Moreover, it can hinder their mobility, making them look unnatural.

3. Attaching After Washing Hair

Extensions stay secure on hair that is sturdy and texturized. Ultimately, the extensions won’t clasp properly. If you have naturally silky and thin hair, washing it will further smoothen the surface.

Wash your hair one day before using the extensions to release enough natural oils on the roots to create a strong base.

4. Using Too Many Wefts

There is no rule that you must use all the extensions you purchase. So, you should only attach enough for a natural yet stunning hair-do.


How to put in clip in hair extensions?

Start by sectioning your hair and then create a solid base to attach them. You can use hairspray and hair teasing for this.

Next, find a natural attachment spot to secure the wefts, and clip them in. Moreover, you can find a more detailed guide here.

How to wash clip in hair extensions?

Use lukewarm water to wash the extension clips for thin hair. Soak them in the water and leave for a few minutes. Next, use a sulfate-free shampoo to lather them up.

Scrub them with a gentle hand to avoid breaking off the hair.

How much for clip in hair extensions?

You can buy hair extensions at various rates. The natural-looking premium-quality ones, such as SEGO hair extensions, cost $63. However, you can buy them on sale for $39.48 on their website.

Can you sleep with clip in hair extensions?

Sleeping with hair extensions is harmful to both extensions and natural hair. Therefore, avoid this practice to keep them in the best shape.


This concludes our post on subtly attaching extension clips for thin hair. If you follow our guidelines, you’ll surely get the most natural look.

Moreover, don’t forget to try the extra tricks, and for the best look, try using SEGO hair extensions. Happy styling! 

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