Red, White, and Bold: The Connection Between America's Independence Day and Inspiring Women -

Red, White, and Bold: The Connection Between America's Independence Day and Inspiring Women

Get ready to wave your flags because Independence Day is approaching!

When most of us think of this day, we envision long weekends, fireworks, and spending quality time with our loved ones. Although the above stands true to an extent, Independence Day means so much more than a day for festivities. Independence Day is dedicated to all the brave patriots who fought for modern-day America every year.

The Fourth of July marks the beginning of all the liberties and rights many take for granted. The Declaration of Independence was signed on this date, commemorating the new USA free from British rule.

You can read more about the history behind Independence Day here. However, this article focuses on American women, empowerment, and how they defied the odds to make history. 

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The Role of Women during the American Revolution and Modern-Day Inspirations

Heroism exists in many forms. Women's roles in the fight for American Independence are often undocumented or overlooked, but their sacrifices and dedication to revolutionary ideals have shaped history. 

While most men took up arms to fight the British, women stayed home and cared for businesses, farms, and children. However, some women had no means of sustenance; only the army could provide for them. These women were called "camp followers" and took charge of medical care, cooking, laundry, and mending clothes at the battlefront.

Women were sometimes flung into action, tending to men on the battlefield by bringing them water and artillery. Some also engaged in daring endeavors like disguising themselves as male soldiers and spies. 

Modern-Day Inspiration

Inspirational women are not limited to history. American philanthropist and media mogul Oprah Winfrey is all about American women empowerment and uses her platform to open doors for the underprivileged. But did you know Oprah is known for wearing wigs and hair toppers as a creative outlet without damaging her tresses?

Dolly Patron goes beyond her singing and songwriting career. Despite coming from humble roots, she cares for those in need through education programs, funding for families, and medical research. Like Oprah, wigs and hair toppers are part of Dolly’s persona. 

Over the years, Selena Gomez has become a role model for young women. In addition to charity work, Gomez advocates for self-belief, body positivity, and confidence. She is known to use hair toppers to boost her hair because of hair loss following chemotherapy and a kidney transplant to treat lupus. 

The list is not limited to the examples above - countless inspirational modern-day women contribute to society in various ways.  

Hair Toppers as a Symbol of Self-Expression and Empowerment

What we wear is only one aspect of personal style; it reflects our confidence, attitude, and personality. Choosing and expressing personal style takes confidence. Instead of following trends and expectations, it's all about being comfortable in your skin and claiming the spotlight by acknowledging that you are beautiful and value yourself. 

A hair topper is one way to express personal style. This versatile hair accessory can have a positive impact on women’s lives. Hair toppers can restore your self-image if you've lost hair due to medical reasons like chemotherapy and alopecia. In addition to boosting confidence, a hair topper is excellent for experiments and drastically switching your color, length, or texture up without long-term commitments or damage. 

Showcasing Red, White, and Bold hairstyles for Independence Day celebrations

Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom. Displaying your individuality is crucial on this day; it lets you celebrate your unique identity while contributing to the vibrant spirit of Independence Day. By showcasing your style and creativity, you represent the values that ultimately led the nation to its birth while encouraging others to embrace their originality. 

The Fourth of July is a time for festivities, and an easy way to set yourself apart is to use hair toppers as part of your Independence Day hairstyles. The versatile hair accessory is available in the colors of the American flag so you can showcase your patriotism. Popular independence day hairstyles include incorporating hair toppers into braids. You can add some character to fishtails and French braids by weaving hair toppers throughout. 

Another choice is to experiment with updos like buns or chignons. Using hair toppers in red, white, and blue adds color and volume to your Independence Day hairstyles. You can also opt for headbands or clips featuring stars to complement your look. The key is to have fun!

How to Pick a Hair Topper to Complement Your Look 

When choosing the right hair topper for your outfit, it's essential to consider your face shape. If you have a round face, a topper that adds volume to your crown can heighten and elongate your face. Wear soft, layered toppers for a square face to soften and balance angles. Bangs are excellent for pear and heart-shaped faces.

Your hair topper should also complement the style of your outfit and the day's color theme. Stick with reds, whites, and blues to create a colorful festive look. If your Independence Day outfit is casual, a natural-looking topper that blends flawlessly with your natural hair might be ideal. On the other hand, if you want to go all-out and make a statement, you can add toppers with curls or volume.

Hair Toppers: A Versatile, Budget-Friendly Solution for Socially Engaged Women on-the-go

Toppers are a quick, easy, and affordable way to transform your look. They are designed to add volume or cover thinning areas of your hair while blending in with your hair. Compared to wigs and hair extensions, hair toppers won’t break your budget while enhancing confidence and improving the look of your hair. 

The greatest advantage of using a hair topper is its flexibility. Whether at a special event, work, or going about your routine, you can add a hair topper for that instant fix. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and fastened securely with clips that maintain their natural look as you transition from day to night. You can explore other versatile hair accessories for the busy woman here

Hair toppers can quickly and effortlessly jazz up infinite hairstyles, from sleek ponytails and voluminous curls to elegant updos. They add volume, thickness, and length to get the style of your dreams without extensive styling. Hair toppers also eliminate the need to wait for your hair to grow; thus, they are a game-changer for anyone looking for a quick and convenient transformation. 

Personal Stories and Testimonials from Women Who have used Hair Toppers

Hair toppers have helped women from all fields of life create stunning looks that boost confidence. Here are a few first-hand experiences:

Source: Lauren Ashtyn Collection

"I have hair loss in the front quarter of my head… I was just tired of the sun peering through to my head! I got [a] light volume topper, and it has changed my feelings about my hair and looks. Just enough to make me feel confident and pretty, SO easy to pop on and go, and the quality! Real hair that I can style and blend in. Worth every penny" - Merdi Anne 

Source: Lusta Hair 

“Having never used hair toppers or wigs, it took some getting used to, but now that I'm getting the blend, I'm so grateful.”

“My topper has changed my whole outlook on my hair loss journey. Not only do I feel so confident, but it also made me realize that not everyone notices hair loss. When I don’t wear my hair it’s the same me. I love having a topper, I’ve already taken her on so many date nights.”

Personal Stories and Testimonials from Women Who have used Hair Toppers

The Bottom Line 

America's Independence Day celebrates the nation's freedom and serves as a reminder of originality. We can draw inspiration to embrace our unique style from the brave women who challenged and redefined norms throughout the American Revolution. 

Hair toppers allow self-expression on a budget. You can unleash your creativity and outshine the fireworks during the upcoming festivities with hair toppers. So, why not seize the moment to explore your style and consider a hair topper this Fourth of July? 


  1. What are hair toppers, and how do they differ from wigs?

Hair toppers add volume, coverage, or length to specific areas of your head. They are smaller, more affordable, and look natural compared to wigs. 

  1. Are hair toppers suitable for all hair types and lengths?

Hair toppers are versatile and suitable for all hair lengths and types. Consider your face shape, outfit, hair texture, and length to find a hair topper that seamlessly blends with your natural hair and overall look. 

  1. How can I maintain and care for my hair topper?

All hair toppers should be gently brushed with a special wig brush or a wide tooth comb to keep them tangle-free. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your topper before allowing it to air dry on a towel or stand. Avoid excessive heat exposure from styling tools. If your topper is synthetic, don’t use heat tools on it at all! 

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